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Report Cards and Distance Learning Update

Report Cards

Report Cards will be available today at 5:00 pm via the Parent Portal 



Regarding April 1, 2020 

Please stay at home if you are sick or have any of these symptoms: 

* Fever

* Cough

* Shortness of breath


Chromebook pick up time: April 1, 2020 from 10 am - 2pm at the rear of the school near the baseball field where you picked up the first packets. 


**A parent or guardian will need to sign for the Chromebook 


**Distance Learning resumes April 14 - April 30


** If your Scholar needs an alternative paper packet or if you wish not to get a Chromebook, packets will be linked at: www.williston.k12.sc.us by midnight Monday, April 13, 2020


Google Classroom
For Students

How to access

To access google classroom go to classroom.google.com. Once there - login with the student’s school google account.

  • The student’s username is student’s first name middle initial last initial @williston.k12.sc.us. This information is pulled from PowerSchool.
    • For example:  susieqstudent@williston.k12.sc.us
  • The student’s password should be self-assigned however, if the student is in a younger grade the teacher may have assigned a class password.
  • If you forget your password, you can contact the people below during designated office hours (Monday-Friday 9:30-11 AM or 1-3 PM).

Home screen

Once logged in you should see the student’s classes represented by boxes on the home screen. Clicking on one of the boxes will take you to the student’s class. Clicking on the little folder at the bottom of the box will open that class’s google drive. This is where the teacher stores files for that class. Clicking the clipboard will take you to the student’s assignments.

A Class


If you click on the box to take you to the class, the page is the stream tab. This page is the chronological display of class post from the teacher. On the left you can see upcoming assignments that are due.


The next tab located at the top of the page is classwork. From here you can see assignments and materials grouped by topics assigned by the teacher. Clicking on an assignment or material will expand it providing more information and showing any attachments. Once expanded clicking view material/assignment will take you to the assignment/material. From here you can mark the assignment as done/turn it in. Also, the private comment section allows the student to ask questions of their teacher. Clicking on the attachments will open them.



Submitting Distance Learning WEMS packet by 3/31/20

Please submit the following work from scholars packets by 3/31/2020

NO actual paper is to be turned in.    

8th Grade – Learning Logs – filled in and signed daily for all students

Mrs. Edwards
8th Pre-algebra
- All pages from packet including any make-up work or test
8th Algebra 1 - All pages from packet except "Review of Linear Equations #1-22", any make-up work, and the test.

Ms. Yon
English I
: KIM (Vocabulary) Strategies worksheets for weeks 1, 2, & 3, Verbals Review, Common Lit "Sonnet 18” Text Dependent Questions

8th ELA: KIM (Vocabulary) Strategies Worksheets for weeks 1, 2, & 3,  Commas Quiz, Common Lit "Freedom Summer" Text Dependent Questions

7th ELA Prep: KIM (Vocabulary) Strategies Worksheets for weeks 1, 2, & 3, Commas Quiz, If students completed the essay in their packets, they may turn them in for extra credit. 


8th ELA:  Screenshots of the first 3 pages (Book Report) and last page (Stomp Out Bullying Speech)


Mrs. Jameson
For 8th graders:  Newtons Laws pages 1-5.   The Newton's Law assignment can be found on the website under distance learning packet and will be extended until Friday, April 3,2020


Mr. Morrill
8th Grade:  Activity 1 Excerpt from Prose Work by Walt Whitman and Activity 1 Excerpt from the Diary of Emma LeConte


Ms. Heffner:  Pick any 4 pages from each subject/section of their packet.



Please submit a screenshot of the following to 7th grade teachers. Please contact your scholars teacher if you have questions.   

7th Grade – All scholars – Learning logs – filled in - signed

Mr. Owala
7th Grade ELA
:  Screenshot the first 3 pages (book report) and Lesson #7 page (Interpreting Poetry,page 30) and lesson #9 (Types of Writing). 

Mr. Vincent
7th grade Math & Pre- Algebra: 
Days 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15.

Mr. Morrill
7th grade:  The Surrender of France and The Rise of Dictators

Mrs. Jameson
7th graders:  
Pages 2, 8, and 11 only.

Ms. Heffner  Pick any 4 pages from each subject/section of their packet.


Mrs. Morrill 

7th Graders:  Email/scan any four pages from their packets? They can choose any four pages to submit from thier current pakcet. 


Please submit a screenshot of the following work to 6th teachers.  Please contact your scholars teacher if you have questions.  Thank you!


This is the MODIFIED list of assignments that are required to be submitted by the sixth grade from each core subject packet. Please send a screenshot of completed assignments to your child's respective core subject teacher by Tuesday, March 31st, 2020. In addition, a list of Google Classroom codes for each core subject has also been provided. 

As always, please contact your child's respective teacher(s) if there are any questions/concerns. 

Science - Mrs. Jennings (sjennings@williston.k12.sc.us)

Vertebrae Reading Passage Questions

Invertebrate Reading Passage Questions

Worksheet 9


Social Studies - Mr. Holley (tholley@williston.k12.sc.us)

Inca 101 Reading Comprehension

Aztec 101 Reading Comprehension

Maya 101 Reading Comprehension


ELA - Mrs. Flax (gflax@williston.k12.sc.us)

The 19 answers to the SC Ready Questions


Math - Mrs. Phillips (lphillips@williston.k12.sc.us)

Adding Mixed Numbers

Multiplying Fractions Using Cross Cancelling

Dividing Fractions page 1

Comparing Negative Numbers 

6th  graders can email/scan any four pages from their packets? They can choose any four pages to submit from their current packet. 

Mission and Vision Statement


With the support of our parents and community, the mission of Williston-Elko Middle School and Williston School District 29 is to develop respectful and productive citizens by providing challenging and enriching experiences in a safe environment.



The vision of Williston-Elko Middle School and Williston School District 29 is to work as a unified faculty and community to develop exceptional citizens who possess the world-class skills necessary to compete in the global workforce.