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Chemistry Syllabus

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a college preparatory lab course in science

Instructor - Linda Alsept





  • spiral bound index cards
  • scientific calculator – TI 83  or  Ti-83 PLUS  or  TI-84  or  TI-30XIIS   (no CASIOS)
  • appropriate shoes and clothing for lab
  • pen, pencil, highlighter
  • notebook, textbook


I understand and accept the terms of this class. 


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SCIENCE CREDITS NECESSARY FOR GRADUATION. The SCDE requires all students to complete three sciences, one of which must contain an EOC exam, in order to obtain a South Carolina high school diploma. This course is considered to be a lab science but does not require an EOC. Trade schools, junior colleges, and technical colleges require three sciences. A four year college or university requires four sciences, three of which must be considered as lab sciences for admission.


COURSE DESCRIPTION.1 Carnegie Unit towards graduation. This course is designed to teach the skills necessary to be successful in a college or technical school chemistry class. Content will emphasize qualitative and quantitative operations, the study of matter, its structure, composition, properties of matter, and the changes that matter undergoes during chemical reactions. Student success in this course requires a thorough understanding of algebra skills.


GRADES. Grades will be calculated by a point-percentage system. Each assignment is assigned a certain point value:  tests and lab activities - 100 points each; quizzes, class work, homework, and worksheets, 10–50 points each. Chapter tests will count approximately 50% towards the nine weeks grade. Final nine weeks grade will be a percentage determined by the student’s cumulative acquired points divided by the total. Points may be assigned for bringing materials: book, notebook, calculator, homework, and index cards to class. Points may also be assigned for active and attentive class participation.


MISSED WORK, QUIZZES, AND TESTS. Labs count as test grades. Make up work is the responsibility of the student. A grade of zero will be assigned for all missed work until it is made up. Assignments late due to absenteeism will have a grace period of three days per district policy. Late assignments will be penalized 50%. Refer to student agenda. Tests will always be announced well in advance. Students are expected to take the test even if they were absent the day before. Try to arrange doctor and dentist appointments to avoid class. Missed labs sometimes  must be made up after school and will never be made up during lunch. During play season (October – February), the instructor’s time outside of class is very limited. It is difficult to make up missed labs during that season.


EXTRA CREDIT.Opportunities to acquire bonus points are given on all tests. Extra credit outside of tests is not an option.


TUTORING.Tutoring is available by appointment Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:00-4:00. Tutoring after school is not available on Tuesday. During play season the instructor’s time is severely limited. Students failing two or more consecutive tests are encouraged to attend afternoon tutoring.


CLASS PROCEDURES. Take care of personal needs and locker visits between classes. Tardy sweep 10-10 rule will be strictly enforced. Pick up handouts on your way in. Look for introductory notes and DO NOW activities on the overhead or board. Have homework assignments, calculators, and materials ready for a daily check. Hold homework until called for. Be ready to begin class immediately. Be prepared to answer questions in which students are chosen at random. Be attentive at all times. Use of cell phones during class will result in confiscation. Putting head down during class instruction will result in parent phone call.


ATTENDANCE, TARDIES. Tardy sweep and 10-10 rule will be strictly followed as explained by school policy. Good attendance is crucial to passing this course. It is difficult to finish assignments in ISS successfully. State law requires students to be present for a minimum of 60 minutes per class to be counted as present. Our block schedule permits students to have only 3 unexcused absences per semester.


LEAVING THE ROOM. Students will be allowed 2 restroom visits per nine weeks and must have their student agenda books to use as their hall pass. Being out of class for more than three minutes is considered as cutting class. Going to any destination other than the one you are authorized to visit is considered as cutting class. Allowances for medical problems documented by a doctor will be handled as needed. If you have a medical problem, bring a signed letter from a physician.


DRESS CODE. Enter class dressed appropriately according to district policy. Please wear pants and shirts in the correct manner, especially during lab. Hats and kerchiefs worn during class will be collected. All students participating in labs must wear prescribed type of closed toe shoes. Girls need to wear blouses appropriately.


HABITS TO AVOID. Chemical substances are often carried unknowingly from the lab to the desks in the classroom. Please do not do any of the following during class as it may cause you to ingest harmful substances: thumb sucking, finger licking, nail biting, pencil chewing, picking at sores or lesions.


FOOD AND DRINK. Eating and drinking in the lab are not permitted per OSHA regulations. It is not a good idea to eat in class on lab days as chemicals from the lab activities may contaminate your food items. SUNFLOWER SEEDS ARE ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED.


DRAMA.Please leave personal drama at home.



TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASS ROOM. Usage of smart phones, iPads, tablets, etc., will be handled according to district policy. Phones must be turned off or on silent mode. HEADPHONES are not allowed to be out AT ANY TIME. Pictures and/or video will not be taken during class. Failure to follow instructions concerning electronic devices will result in discipline referral per district policy.


CAREER READY 101.  Juniors will be taking the ACT and WORK KEYS tests in the spring. Class time will be set aside to prepare for these important tests.


CURRICULUM, TOPICS OF STUDY. Refer to the accompanying handouts containing the chemistry standards and pacing guide for more detailed information.



Safety lab

Elemental symbols

Temperature conversions

Measurement, significant digits


Separation lab, percent error


Density lab(opt)

History of atomic theory

Rutherford model, Bohr model

Atomic structure, elements, compounds


Quantum theory

Flame tests lab

Lewis dot structures

Ionic and covalent bonding

Chemical nomenclature

Empirical and molecular formulas


Percentage composition

Copper sulfate lab

magnesium crucible lab(opt)

Molecular shapes

Marshmallow lab

Periodic table and trends

Classifying chemical reactions


Precipitation lab

Balancing chemical equations


Mass-mass relationships

Limiting reactant problems

Acid-base reactions, salts

Titration lab


Energy conservation in phase changes(opt)

Calorimetry lab(opt)

Gas laws, Hydrogen gas lab




It is possible that students will be required to read texts outside the classroom for essays and discussion in class. This will be discussed more during class time.


All students are expected to actively participate in computer lab activities involving CAREER READY 101.

Instructor reserves the right to make changes or adjustments in the curriculum.



Email:                                                    lalsept@williston.k12.sc.us   orlbalsept56@yahoo.com


Teacher website:                                  http://www.williston.k12.sc.us/olc/teacher.aspx?s=83


CALL FOR A CONFERENCE:       803-266-3110


MRS. ALSEPT’S PLANNING PERIOD       8:00 – 9:15 2nd semester