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Extra Credit

The Scarlet Letter Extra-Credit Possibilities                                                                         


The following extra-credit possibilities associated with The Scarlet Letter are available and worth a maximum of 20 points. The extra-credit possibilities should be typed (when appropriate) and are due Friday, December 1, 2017. Points awarded will be based on apparent knowledge of the novel, thoughtfulness, creativity, the six-traits (as appropriate), and apparent effort.


  1. Take a scene from The Scarlet Letter and translate it into a comic strip (at least 10 frames). The strip may spoof or emulate the scene. Please indicate the chapter from which the scene comes and be prepared, if necessary, to defend the rendition.


  1. Create a sound track for the next movie version of The Scarlet Letter. Find at least three songs that can be connected to the novel: theme, plot, characters, setting, language, literary devices (metaphor, symbols, irony, allusions, etc.), mood, and tone. Three different songs must be connected to three different aspects (no student should find three songs that relate to the character of Hester, for example, but a student may find three songs that relate to three different characters). Students are encouraged, however, to branch out and explore different aspects rather than limiting themselves to characters or symbolism, etc. For each selected song, students must provide a copy of the lyrics (edited if need be for school appropriateness). Additionally, students must write a paragraph which includes the following: a topic sentence mentioning the title of the song and name of artist as well as the paragraph’s main idea (connection explored), supporting details that clearly explain why this song relates to some aspect of the novel—use direct quotes from the novel and the song in each paragraph, transitions (words, phrases, sentences) which make ideas cohesive, third person, present tense, MLA formatted prose, correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics, parenthetical citations that show where the quotes can be found in the novel.


  1. Draw, paint, or sculpt one character at two places in the story. With the art work, hand in something that indicates the times and places in the novel that are rendered in the art. (For example, a rendition of Chillingworth would be much different in chapter 3 than in chapter 24).


  1. Write a script for a dramatic presentation of one of the major scenes in The Scarlet Letter.


  1. Think of The Scarlet Letter as a soap opera and divide it into at least five sections. For each identified section, write a newspaper column titled “This Week on the Soaps.”


  1. Hawthorne describes the thoughts and feelings of each of the main adult characters. Retell an episode from chapters 13-19 using Pearl’s point of view.


Good Luck!