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ELA Pacing Guide 2016/2017  

** The following skills are taught/revisited each week: character, setting, problem/solution, reading for details, intonation, text to self, text to text, text to world, rhyming words, letter formation, awareness of print, use of font (bold, italics, underline, etc) to place emphasis on important words, comprehension and poetry**

8/15/16 Week #1

Back To School – Readiness Review

Letter sounds and recognition, colors/color words, readiness words, beginning and ending sounds

Individual readiness screenings

8/22/16 Week #2

Back To School – Readiness Review

Letter sounds and recognition, colors/color words, readiness words, beginning and ending sounds

Individual readiness screenings

* Color /Number Word Test

8/29/16 Week #3 – Unit 1       

Title:What Is A Pal?

Word/Spelling List: and, be, help, play, with, you

Listening Story:The Lion and The Mouse

Phonics Skill: short a and short e

Reading Skill: main idea, story elements (title, author, illustrator, text,)

Decodable Readers:         Dan and Nan,      Nat Cat         Nan and Dan                   Fan, Fan, Fan

Graphic Organizer: circle map - Pals

9/5/16 Week #4       

Title: The Storm

Word/Spelling List: for, what, have, he, look, too

Listening Story: Susie and The Bandits

Phonics Skill: short i and short o

Reading Skill: understanding characters, read and draw comprehension

Decodable Readers:               Can It Fit?        I Ran         Sid Pig                           Pam

Graphic Organizer: circle map – Weather

Science Connection: “Storms” student books pg. 50-53

9/12/16 Week #5                 

Title: Curious George At School

Word/Spelling List: do, find, funny, sing, no, they

Listening Story: Stone Stew

Phonics Skill: short u and cumulative short vowel review

Reading Skill: sequence, sentence/picture match comprehension

Decodable Readers: Lil and Max        Did Dix Dog Do It?      Max Fox and Lon Ox      Is It Funny?

Graphic Organizer: Flow Chart - sequence

Social Studies Connection: School Long Ago – students books pg. 74-77



9/19/16 Week #6           

Title: Lucia’s Neighborhood

Word/Spelling List: all, does, here, me, my, who

Listening Story: Painting Word Pictures

Phonics Skill: cumulative short vowel review,

Reading Skill: question words, yes/no comprehension

Decodable Readers: Pals          Ned            Ken and Vic            My Pets

Graphic Organizer: circle map – Neighborhoods

                                T-chart – Things you see and don’t see in a neighborhood

Social Studies Connection: class map of Lucia’s neighborhood (poster)

A Play:  City Mouse, Country Mouse – students books pg. 100-103



9/26/16 Week #7            

Title: Gus Takes The Train

Word/Spelling List: friend, full, good, hold, many, pull

Listening Story: Training Around The Town

Phonics Skill: long a and long e

Reading Skill: question words, environmental print, 1 sentence comprehension

Decodable Readers: Fun In The Sun                 Yams! Yum!            Fun, Fun, Fun             Bud

Graphic Organizer:  story map – 5.2, 5.3

Social Studies Connection: “City Zoo” maps – student books pg. 126-128



10/3/16 Week #8 – Unit 2     Title: Jack and The Wolf

Word/Speling List: away, call, come, every, hear, said

Listening Story: Night of The Wolf

Phonics Skill: long i and long o

Reading Skill: classification, syllables, short story comprehension

Decodable Readers: Ann Packs               Tess and Jack           A Duck In Mud        Duck’s Quack

Graphic Organizer: circle map – wolves




10/10/16 Week #9             

Title: How Animals Communicate

Word/Spelling List: animals, how, make, of, some, why

Listening Story: Prairie Dogs

Phonics Skill: long u, cumulative long vowel review

Reading Skill: introduce verbs

Decodable Readers: Brad and Chris      What Did Dad Get?          Crabs              The Big Job

Graphic Organizer: circle map - animals

Science Connection: Insect Messages – student books pg. 58-61





10/17/16 Week #10        

Title: A Musical Day

Word/Spelling List: her, now, our, she, today, would

Listening Story:The Neighbors

Phonics Skill: distinguishing long and short vowels

Reading Skill: Common and Proper Nouns

Decodable Readers: Our Flag      The Plan         Our Sled Club        The Pet Club

Graphic Organizer: Flow Chart – sequence with transition words (first, next, last)

Science Connection: Drums



10/24/16 Week #11           

Title: Dr. Seuss

Word/Spelling List: after, draw, pictures, read, was, write

Listening Story:The Little Red Hen

Phonics Skill: r blends (gr, tr, br, cr, fr, pr, dr)   

Reading Skill: review nouns, opposites

Decodable Readers: Step Up            Splat! Splat!      Nuts For Ben and Jen     Miss Tess Was Still Graphic Organizer: circle map – Dr. Seuss, Cat In The Hat

Poetry Connection: “Two Poems By Dr. Seuss” student books pg. 114-117



10/31/16 Week #12         

Title: A Cupcake Party

Word/Spelling List:  eat, give, one, put, small, take

Listening Story: Chipper Chips In

Phonics Skill: s blends (sk, sl, sn, st, sw, sn)

Reading Skill: compound words, verbs

Decodable Readers: Who Likes To Jump?              The Lost Cat     Flint and Scamp     The List

Graphic Organizer: Story Map #1 – character, setting, problem and solution

Math Connection: At The Bakery – student books pg. 142-145



11/7/16 Week #13 – Unit 3     

Title: Sea Animals

Word/Spelling List: blue, cold, far, little, live, their, water, where

Listening Story:The Piano Lessons

Phonics Skill: l-blends (cl, -pl, -gl, -fl, -sl, -bl)

Reading Skill: ABC order

Decodable Readers: Seth and Beth          Zeb Yak          The Duck Nest           Animal Moms

Graphic Organizer: circle map – sea animals

Social Studies/Science Connection: Water pg. 32-35






11/14/16 Week #14             

Title: How Leopard Got His Spots

Word/Spelling List: been, brown, know, never, off, out, own, very

Listening Story:Turtle, Frog and Pat

Phonics Skill: 3 letter blends (str, spl, spr, thr, scr)

Reading Skill: synonyms

Decodable Readers:  Scratch, Chomp          Rich Gets A Dog       Champs        Kits, Chicks and Pups

Graphic Organizer: Flow Chart –story sequence

Science Connection: The Rain Forest – pg. 62-65



11/21/16 Week #15-Thanksgiving Week

Title: THB (leveled reader) The First Thanksgiving

Word List: Thanksgiving, pilgrim, Native Americans, feast


11/28/16 Week #16        

Title: Seasons

Word/Spelling List: down, fall, goes, green, grow, new, open, yellow

Listening Story:The Prickly Pride of Texas

Phonics Skill: digraphs - ch, sh, wh, th   

Reading Skill: comprehension, compare and contrast (seasons) (focus on nonfiction stories/details)

Decodable Readers: Phil’s New Bat            In A Rush         Ralph Goes To Camp       Trish’s Gift                               

Graphic Organizer: T-chart – What Happened? Why?

Poetry Connection: “The Four Seasons” student books pg. 94-97


12/5/16 Week #17           

Title: The Big Race

Word/Spelling List: four, five, into, over, start, three, two, watch

Listening Story: The Tortoise and the Hare

Phonics Skill: Singular and Plural Nouns

Reading Skill: Cumulative review (nouns, verbs, syllables)

Decodable Readers: Tate’s Cakes          Dave and the Whales       A Safe Lodge     The Race

Graphic Organizer: Inference map

Social Studies Connection: “The Olympic Games” pg. 126-129


12/12/16 Week #18 –Unit 4         

Title: Animal Groups

Word/Spelling List: bird, both, eyes, fly, long, or, those, walk

Listening Story:The Dancing Wolves

Phonics Skill: Cumulative review (vowels, blends digraphs)

Reading Skill: Cumulative review (nouns, verbs, syllables) abc order review

Decodable Readers: Mike’s Bike    The Nest       The Nice Vet    Kite Time

Graphic Organizer: Venn Diagram – cat/dog, people/animals

A Play: “Animal Picnic” student books pg. 158-161

12/19/16 Week #19-Christmas Week

Listening Story: Various Christmas Books

Phonics Skill: making words (Christmas)

Reading Skill: comprehension

Graphic Organizer: circle map – Christmas


1/4/17 Week #20- Happy New Year

Listening Story: New Year Books

Phonics Skill: making words (New Year)

Reading Skill: comprehension

Graphic Organizer: circle map – New Year



1/9/17 Week #21           

Title: Let’s Go To The Moon

Word/Spelling List: around, because, before, bring, carry, light, show, think

Listening Story: One Giant Leap

Phonics Skill: Cumulative Review (Benchmark)

Reading Skill: Cumulative Review (Benchmark)

Decodable Readers: Go, Jones!       So Much Fun         June’s Pictures    My Mule, Duke

Graphic Organizer: KWL chart – The Moon

Science Connection: Mae Jemison pg. 36-39

Word Family: -uck


1/16/17 Week #22         

Title: The Big Trip

Word/Spelling List: about, could, sure, by, don’t, there, car, maybe

Listening Story:The Rainy Trip

Phonics Skill: Benchmark Test cumulative review

Reading Skill: Benchmark Test cumulative review

Decodable Readers: At The Beach       Who Will Teach Us?         Plunk, Plunk       The King’s Cone

Graphic Organizer: Venn diagram – Mole/Rabbit

Social Studies Connection: Lewis and Clark’s Big Trip pg 70-73

Word Family: -et


1/23/17 Week #23          

Title: Where Does Food Come From?

Word/Spelling List: first, food, ground, right, sometimes, these, under, your

Listening Story:The Three Wishes

Phonics Skill: Base Words and endings (s, es, ed, ing)

Reading Skill: Table of Contents

Decodable Readers: Ray Trains Dex      Sweet Treats        What Will We Do?       Let’s Eat

Graphic Organizer: Inference Map – author’s purpose

Connect To Traditional Tales: Jack and the Beanstalk pg. 104-107

Word Family: -ed



1/30/17 Week #24       

Title: Tomas Rivera

Word List: done, paper, were, great, soon, work, laugh, talk

Listening Story: Christina’s Work

Phonics Skill: Base Words and endings (er, est)

Reading Skill: inference/drawing conclusions

Decodable Readers: It Was Snow Fun          Boat Rides              Fun With Gram     Rex Knows

Graphic Organizer: circle map – the library

Social Studies Connection: Life Then and Now pg. 132-135



2/6/17 Week #25  - Unit 5         

Title: Little Rabbit’s Tale

Word/Spelling List: door, old, want, more, try, wash, mother, use

Listening Story:Chicken Little

Phonics Skill: Homophones

Reading Skill: cause and effect, repetition

Decodable Readers: Bedtime For Ray      Pancake Ran       A Springtime Rain          Rosebud

Graphic Organizer: T-map – What Happened? Why? and cause/effect

Poetry Connection: Silly Poems pg. 164-167



2/13/17 Week #26            

Title: Poppleton Forever (The Tree)

Word/Spelling List: better, saw, turned, night, thought, window, pretty, told

Listening Story: Grandpa’s Tree

Phonics Skill: Prefixes (un, re, pre)

Reading Skill: adjectives

Decodable Readers: Mark’s Shark         Clark’s Part       At The Shore       More Fun For Jake

Graphic Organizer: story map

Social Studies/Science Connection: It Comes From Trees  pg. 32-35



2/20/17 Week #27            

Title: Amazing Animals

Word/Spelling List: baby, follow, years, begins, learning, young, eight, until

Listening Story: How Bat Learned To Fly

Phonics Skill: affixes (ful, less)

Reading Skill: onomatopoeia

Decodable Readers: See The Birds       A Bath For Mert         Fox and Crow       Meet Gert

Graphic Organizer: circle map – animal homes

Connect To Traditional Tales: The Ugly Duckling pg. 64-67

Word Family: -short i words




2/27/17 Week #28              

Title: Whistle For Willie

Word/Spelling List: again, boy, nothing, along, father, together, began, house

Listening Story: Around The World In A Day

Phonics Skill: r controlled vowels (ar, or)

Reading Skill: cause/effect review, compare and contrast Ezra Jack Keats

Decodable Readers: Look At This           Two Good Cooks        Good Home        Big Problems

Graphic Organizer: T-map – cause/effect

Poetry Connection: Pet Poems pg. 98-101



3/6/17 Week #29            

Title: A Butterfly Grows

Word/Spelling List: also, kind, upon, anything, warm, flower, ready, places

Listening Story: Visiting Butterflies

Phonics Skill: r controlled vowels (ir, er, ur)

Reading Skill: nouns/verbs review, sentence/story sequence

Decodable Readers: Moose’s Tooth         Moon News           Boot’s Clues      Red Zed and Blue Stu

Graphic Organizer: Flow Chart – sequence of events

Social Studies Connection: Best Friends pg. 128-131



3/13/17 Week #30  - Unit 6            

Title: The New Friend

Word/Spelling List: buy, myself, school, city, party, seven, family, please

Listening Story: Senor Coyote, The Judge

Phonics Skill: Adjective review

Reading Skill: Figurative language

Decodable Readers: Down On The Farm        Scout and Count         Dawn’s Voice     Shawn’s Toys

Graphic Organizer: column chart (says, does, feels)

Social Studies Connection: Neighborhoods/Maps pg. 159-161



3/20/17 Week #31   

Title: The Dot

Word/Spelling List: above, pushed, teacher, bear, studied, toward, even, surprised

Listening Story: The Art Contest

Phonics Skill: Benchmark Review

Reading Skill: Benchmark Review

Decodable Readers: Bears      Hiding and Seeking    Henry and Dad Go Camping    Speedy and Chase

Graphic Organizer: Venn diagram

Social Studies Connection: Artists Create Art! Pg. 34-37




3/27/17 Week #32       

Title: What Can You Do?

Word/Spelling List: always, different, enough, happy, high, near, once, stories

Listening Story: The Shoemaker and the Elves

Phonics Skill: Benchmark Testing

Reading Skill: Fact & Opinion

Decodable Readers:The Three Races Seed Sisters  The Fox and The Grapes  Jingle, Jangle, Jiggle

Graphic Organizer: T-map – Pictures/What I Understand

Connect To Traditional Tales: The Wind and The Sun pg 66-69


4/3/17 Week #33        

Title: Days With Frog and Toad (The Kite)

Word/Spelling List: across, ball, cried,, hear, heard, large, second, should

Listening Story: A Hopeful Song

Phonics Skill: Dipthongs (oi, oy)

Reading Skill: Multiple Meaning Words

Decodable Readers: Sally, Jane and Beth     Ty and Big Gilly      Bird Watching     Benches

Graphic Organizer: Venn diagram – Frogs/Toads

Science Connection: Measuring Weather pg. 94-97


4/10/17 Week #34    

Spring Fling

4/14/17-4/21/17 Spring Break J Week #35    


4/24/17 Week #36    

Title: A Boat Disappears (from Inspector Hopper)

Word/Spelling List: almost, any, behind, gone, happened, hello, idea, leaves

Listening Story: A Stone Goes To Court

Phonics Skill: Dipthongs (ou, ow)

Reading Skill: Alliteration

Decodable Readers: Quiz Games      Jack and The Beans            Ruth’s Day        Stew for Peg

Graphic Organizer: T-map – What Happened?/Why?

Poetry Connection: Busy Bugs pg. 126-129


5/1/17 Week #37    

Title: Winners Never Quit

Word/Spelling List: brothers, everyone, field, loved, most, only, people, sorry

Listening Story: The Parts Of The House Have A Fight

Phonics Skill: Cumulative Review

Reading Skill: Possessive Nouns  

Decodable Readers: Amy Ant          Julie and Jason         Home At Last            Soccer

Graphic Organizer: column chart (says, does, feels) – Mia Hamm and Lance Armstrong

Social Studies Connection: Be A Team Player pg. 158-161

5/8/17 Week #38  Beach Week Book Study/Cumulative Yearly Review

5/15/17 Week #39   Benchmark/End of Year Testing

5/22/17 Week # 40   End of year activities (journal etc)