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CreateEng Camp

Please take note that Deadline is Wednesday.  

Student Medicine Pickup

All student medications must be picked up by a parent before June 3rd.  Any medications left in the Nurse's Office after June 3rd will be destroyed.  No medications will be handed out to students. 

2017 Teachers of the Year

2017 Teachers of the Year


            Teariney Tobin                    Mark Romano                    Tony Flowers
                  KEES                               WEMS                             WEHS                                                     

2016 Teacher of the Year

On Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Mrs. Betsy Portune, Williston School District 29 District Teacher of the Year, was recognized at the SC Teacher of the Year banquet held at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. Williston School District 29 congratulates Mrs. Portune once again for a job well done.

Mrs. Betsy Portune, Williston School District Teacher of the Year, enjoyed the State Teacher of the Year Celebration.

First Annual Spelling Bee

Williston School District Inaugural Spelling Bee
On April 15th, third, fourth, and fifth grade students, along with parents, teachers, and district staff, gathered in the Kelly Edwards gym to watch the 2016 inaugural Spelling Bee at Kelly Edwards Elementary School.  Williston-Elko Middle School held its Spelling Bee at 1:00 pm in the District auditorium for the students in sixth, seventh, and eight grades.

  Congratulations to Saylor Still and Derrick Harrison!


2016 STEM Festival

On Saturday, April 23, 2016, the DIG STEM Festival was held in downtown Williston from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.  Steven Brown, graduate of WEHS, was the organizer of this festival.  Students from Barnwell County participated in the STEM competition.  We are proud to announce that a group of students from Williston School District 29 won the competition.  The team won $500.

Congratulations to the winning team! Winning Team-left to right: Natalie Bolen (South Aiken), Zhane Snider, JC Wood, and Daniel Smith

2016 National Technology Honor Society

Williston School District 29 Students Recognized

On Wednesday, April 21, 2016, the Barnwell County Career Center Recognized seniors and the 2016 National Technology Honor Society Inductees.

2016 INDUCTEES               SENIORS
Anstead, Jazmyn                Dukes, Alexcia              
Bing, Destinee                    Hutto, Andrew
Dukes, Alexica                    Morris, Ashton
Holmes, Jalia                      White, Ashley
Inabinet, Nicole                   Rhoad, Jacob
Jeffreys, Shaakria               Burbage, Laura
King, Wy’Nessiah
Ryneer, Micheal Blake
Smoak, Sydney
Noland, Will
Overton, Andrew
Whetstone, Tasheeka






Please Update Phone Numbers


If there were an emergency at school and your child needed you,would School Officials be able  to get in touch with you? Does the school have your correct telephone numbers?  Please contact the office at your child's  school  and provide us with your current telephone numbers.  

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